Overnight Sleepaway Summer Camps

Finding the perfect sleepaway camp!

Finding the perfect sleepaway camp for your child can seem like a daunting task. Where should you begin? Should you spend hours googling the word "sleepaway camp" online to get ideas, listen to your friends' views on what they deem as the "best camps" or should you hire a camp specialist who provides you with limited camp recommendations that they have the best commission based relationships with?

Simple, in-depth and unbiased search engine

Sleepaway Search is a simple, easy and in-depth sleepaway camp search engine for parents looking for traditional sleepaway programs for their children in the Northeastern part of the US. Our database includes almost 300 sleepaway camps that are traditional in nature.

Search at your leisure to find the perfect camp for your child in a totally non-biased and independent manner.

Create a personal list of potential camps

Every camp is different and our goal is to help you find the right one to meet you and your child's needs. By using our search engine, you will be able to conduct a broad based sleepaway camp search almost effortlessly. Once you create a list of potential camps that fit your criteria from our database, all you need to do is go through them to find which ones you like the best. Then, for those camps, click on the "Contact This Camp" button, provide some basic contact information for the camp, and the rest is done for you all from the website. It's that simple.

Currently, our database focuses on the following criteria:
Strictly overnight camps
Camps that are traditional in nature or camps that blend traditional elements with a specialty focus such as sports or the arts
Camps that are longer term in nature offering a 3 or 4 week option at the minimum. However, some of the camps may offer a 1 or 2 week program in addition to longer term options that are generally aimed at the new camper.

Easy to search using the most important key factors

Just like shopping online for the perfect pair of shoes or jeans, you can shop for a sleepaway camp in a similar manner. The search engine allows the user to easily search by the most important key factors such as length of program, type of camp, gender, location, age, cost, and religious affiliation. You can choose as many criteria as you like or as little, and the user will be able to easily alter searches to either expand or reduce number of camps that have been generated by your search criteria.

Happy Sleepaway Searches!


1. Tuition includes additional fees such as canteen, tipping (if applicable) and laundry (if applicable). Tuition does not include transportation costs and extra fees related to optional special trips, special activities (i.e., horseback riding) or optional tutoring sessions.
2. Average weekly cost is the lowest weekly cost across all programs that the camp offers (in some cases, the one week program is excluded because many camps offer an introductory, low rate for this program).
3. Some camps offer programs which are only introductory programs for new campers
4. Prices that are used are the most recent data available as per the camp's website.
5. Some camps provide age ranges and some camps provide grades. For those providing grades, we used the following parameter: entering 1st = age 5/6, entering 2nd=age 6/7, entering 3rd = age 7/8, entering 4th = age 8/9, entering 5th=9/10, entering 6th=10/11, entering 7th, 11/12, entering 8th, 12/13, entering 9th=13/14, entering 10th=14/15, entering11th=15/16
6. In general, if a program is 3.5 weeks, it is rounded up to the 4 week category. The same rule applies to other weekly programs.
Camps within the database are generally traditional in nature but camps within the traditional framework that emphasize a specialty will be noted.